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February, 11th 2013
a priest of our Internet Prayer Group sent us the following information:


Vatican City, 11 February 2013 (VIS) ? The conclave to elect the successor
of Benedict XVI will be regulated by the "Ordo Rituum Conclavis"
established by John Paul II's apostolic constitution "Universi Dominici
Gregis", para. 27. The Cardinal Camerlengo, who has a fundamental role
during the Sede Vacante period, is Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, appointed by
Benedict XVI on 4 April 2007.

The Cardinal electors, by their continents of provenance, will be 61
Europeans, 19 Latin Americans, 14 North Americans, 11 Africans, 11 Asians,
and 1 from Oceania. These figures may vary depending on the date that the
conclave opens: for example, Cardinal Walter Kasper will turn 80 on 5
March. The country with the greatest number of Cardinal electors is Italy,
with 21. Sixty-seven of the electors were created by Benedict XVI and the
remaining 50 by John Paul II.

One of John Paul II's innovations regarding the period of conclave is that
the Cardinal electors of whom there will be 117 on 28 February will be
housed in the Vatican residence Casa Santa Marta, which is independent from
the place where they vote, the Sistine Chapel.

The Cardinal electors must remain in the Vatican during the entire period
of conclave, and no one can approach them when they move from the Sistine
Chapel to their place of residence or vice versa. All forms of
communication with the outside world are prohibited. As in the past, the
Sistine Chapel stove will be used to burn the ballots after each vote.

*God Love and Bless you and your loved ones in the Complete Blessing of the
United Hearts, the Baptism of Truth and the anointing of St. Michael.
** *




July 2012:

Two urgent emails from two of our priests:

11th July 2012

1. All My Brother Priests:


I wish to recommend that all priests establish prayer groups in their parishes. First, encourage your flock to form a Divine Mercy Prayer Group reciting the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy on a weekly basis. I have done so and have between 15 to 40 attendants never having less than 15 on a weekly basis. Second, since it is Our Lord's desire that we pray the Crusade Prayers every day, encourage your flock, those who are able to, to gather daily to recite these prayers. It would be wonderful if you could expose the Blessed Sacrament as well. If possible, offer to say Mass for your groups once per month. Lastly, in light of the current message given to Maria Divine Mercy on confessions, offer to hear confession for your prayer groups every two weeks. In addition, encourage your flock to utilize the Sacrament of Reconciliation as often as possible. May God Bless us and Protect us as we march forth gaining salvation for souls.



Peace and Blessings

Fr. Tim from USA

2. Urgent eail of Fr. F. J., OFM from the Philippines for all our members:

July 8th  2012

Peace and goodness!
I ask you (....) to post this email for all our members to know. Today July 8, 2012 I have already finished the 300th mass for the intention of the Internet Prayer Group. This is just to let the members know that their prayer requests are prayed upon by our religious  community here in the Philippines. Since August 2011 when our Lord requested through MDM that the month is meant to be the Salvation of Souls Month that I have made a firm resolve to say mass for this intention including the prayer requests of the members. Last January 2012 I also sent an email that I have finished the 146th mass. We have reached the 300th mark and the masses will continue to grow day by day for as long as the Lord allows me to do so. This is just to let the members know so they may be cheered that there are people praying for them. We will continue to offer masses even if we cannot measure the graces we received as God is the only one who knows all the merits we have acquired.
Our prayers and blessings for the founding group and to all the members!
Love and prayers,
Fr. F. "Jun" A. J. Jr., OFM
From the Philippines
June 2012
Translation of an Fench email of Father "Al. T." (living in Rome, born in Africa):

Good morning, my children,

For the Glory of our God, I will do everything.

Hence I allow you to publish my mails so that the world know these Messages come from The Most High. And that they are a sign of HIS Most Great Mercy for the ungrateful and sinful mankind!

Console, console our God who is already so offended by His children's mortal and serious sins; yes, my children, console, console The Most High, The Thrice Holy God who is deeply hurt by the sacrilege, indifference and blashemy committed against the REAL PRESENCE AND Oh! HOW SUBLIME  OF JESUS IN THE MOST HOLY EUCHARIST.

 Lucifer's tactics is to have Christians believe that Jesus is not present in the Eucharist! It is absolutely false but suiting this Prince of Darkness.
I, before I was ordained as a Priest, feld in my own flesh the REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST. And it is from that day that
I decided to become a Priest of Christ for Eternity.

But, Oh! What joy to be a Priest, to touch with those unworthy hands at each Holy Mass, the very Body of the Living God.
Yes, my children, .... , console, console your God who suffers that some doubt His Real Presence at each Eucharist.
My regards to Maria, and do tell her that I will say those 9 Masses for her family.

That she does not fear anyone, as The Lord is with her, I know it.
Glory, Honour and Praise to the Divine Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
"My Sheep know My Voice", says our Lord in St John.

I bless you, my children,  ........

Your brother and father, "Al. T."
27th May 2012
One of our  priests, Fr. F.J.Jr., sent us a touching testimony about the St. Michael´s Prayer and the link to a wonderful song, which he has composed.
(...) Please assure our members that our community here is saying masses everyday for the intentions of the internet prayer group and the intentions are also included in our lauds and vespers everyday.
Second, is just a sharing of a faith experience. When members of our families and relatives were gathered for the wake and funeral of my father, I gave them a lecture about this warning thing, divine mercy, and the internet prayer group. They were so intent as they listened. That night, I barely closed my eyes to sleep and had a very bad dream. The devil tortured me in my dream, he was so mad of what I did. He choked me in my throat in a wrestling and I really fought hard and the strength of the devil is really incredible and I prayed different prayers in that dream but he did not go away. Finally, I prayed the St. Michael prayer and the devil ran away and I woke up. It made me reflect that in these times of spiritual warfare St. Michael must be invoked. I believe St. Michael is entrusted by God to lead our growing army. This is the 2nd time it happened. The first was my time in the novitiate as a seminarian. For many nights I experienced similar torture as I fell asleep and he would wrestle with me in a dream with such a powerful force and choked me in my pillow. At that time I do not know yet of the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer. It left me so disturbed I was already afraid to sleep. And finally, I told my spiritual director about this. He told me not to fight with the devil. Rather, invoke St. Michael to do the fighting and he gave me a small picture of St. Michael with the prayer at the back and told me to recite the prayer before sleeping and all the tortures in the form of dream ended. The 2 experiences have a gap of 20 years and this really made a deep impression on me that this Leonine prayers must return to the Church. Every prayer warrior must have a devotion to St. Michael through daily recitation of the prayer.
Third, I will upload a second video to our You Tube Site soon on my free time. This is about caring for God's creation.  (....)
 My regards to all of you there and the priests working for this apostolate.
My blessings+
Fr. F. A. J.  Jr., OFM
The new video of the song of Fr. F.J.Jr. is online!
"I have also uploaded the song video “This Beautiful Earth” for all the members that I love and whom I always pray everyday. It is soothing to think that even if greed wants to destroy our planet, the whole of Creation is still very beautiful as God wants us to enjoy it. Here is the link: "
April, 2012
My dear brothers and sisters
I am writing this small testimony to let all of you know that our prayers are working. One evening, I was hearing confessions, and had a handful of individuals, who had come to confession and have not been to this Sacrament for some time, confessing how they want to be Good Catholics. In particular, one individual came to confess the sin of false gods through the New Age Movement. I counseled this individual of the dangers and the true agenda of this movement and asked this individual to renounce this movement. This individual gave me a complete "Yes" to my question.
So, you see, the Crusade Prayers are working and only proves its authenticity. Praise be God!
God Bless
Fr. Tim from the USA
March 2012
 A priest from the Philippines (member of our Prayer Group) sent us the link to a wonderful video about many little warriors of prayer in his school, where they daily pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
"I am sending videos to the Internet Prayer Group Chain of Protection. I feel so inspired of the latest message in the Crusade of Prayer 39 dated March 21 that the Lord's army has already reached 700 thousand souls. Here are some of the little warriors from the Philippines in our school.You may post this to inspire others. This is the first video.
Fr. "J."
My Brothers and Sisters and Christ
Due to the recent messages received from Maria Divine Mercy about the schism that will enter the Church, we need to pray harder than ever and pray from the heart. I would like to invite all followers to pray the Chaplet to the Sacred Heart to give Jesus all the comfort He needs from all of us. It can be said on regular Rosary Beads. The Chaplet goes as follows:



This chaplet may be recited by using a regular Rosary.


On the cross of the Rosary Beads recite:


"O Jesus give us Your heart as a Pledge of Your Love and as a place of refuge that we may find there a secure repose during our life and sweet comfort at the hour of our death."


On the large beads (in place of the Our Father) of the Rosary recite:


"Thee I adore, praise and love O Sacred Heart of my dear Jesus, penetrated with grief at the thought of so many offenses which have been committed against You in the most holy sacrament of the altar, I offer to You in satisfaction the amiable heart of Your Most Beloved Mother with the merits of the saints. Amen."


On the small beads (in place of the Hail Mary)of the Rosary recite:


"O Sacred Heart of Jesus burning with love of us inflame our hearts with love of You."


End the Chaplet with 3 Glory Be's... or any favorite prayer you like to the Sacred Heart.
So, let us join as a unified body to give our Lord the comfort as everything is now placed in His Venerable Hands.
God Bless to all
Fr. Tim from the USA
18th March 2012
My Brothers and Sisters in Christ
I wish to extend on the importance of praying for our visionaries. Our visionaries have specially been chosen by Our Lord to suffer for all souls for their salvation. They suffer for us every day and sometimes we don't even know this. Therefore, let us not forget to pray for them for their salvation as well and for the continued strength they need to endure this suffering. In doing this, we form a unified chain of support of their task and bring comfort to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord. God's Blessing to all!
In Jesus and Mary
Fr. Tim of the USA
11th March 2012
My Brother and Sisters in Christ
I came across the warning web site last year in September from a friend of mine to look at. Ever since then, I am a faithful reader of this web site and whole heartily believe these messages are of Divine Origin. Even though these messages may seem scary at first, we should not shun them for that reason. I give my blessing and support to these messages. At the moment, I have two Divine Mercy Prayer Groups established and members are growing slowly and surely.
May we all stick together as one family and continue to do what Our Lord is requesting from us. Say the Crusade Prayers everyday especially the Crusade Prayer of the Seal of Protection. Trust totally in God right now. All He asks of us are our prayers and He will do the rest. Allow no fear to enter our hearts for fear is of the Evil One. Jesus is the only Truth, Way and Life. Let us cling to Him as His Children and await the promise of the New Paradise.
I can say for myself that these messages and prayers have changed me and given me tremendous graces to fight in God 's Army to save souls. Prayer is powerful. Do not crucify our other brothers and sisters in the Lord of different denominations. All Christians are the Body of Christ. Pray for each other and with each other now.
I thank Maria for responding to our Lord's call to this great and demanding task. Let us always keep her in our prayers and all God's visionaries in the world. Our prayers are their support and strength. 
God Bless all of you and be at peace. Say the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday and our Lord's strength will increase in each and everyone of us.
In Jesus and Mary
Fr. Tim in the USA
27th Febrary 2012
Dear members, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!
Our Austrian Priest, Fr. R. will celebrate a Holy Mass in the frame of the World prayer Day
to prevent an Atomic War  on
Wednesday, 29 February,  17.00 h.
He would like to inform us, that he will present all praying members of the world to Jesus as well as all prayer requests in the intention of Mary and the Prayer Crusade.
We herewith invite all priests to celebrate the Holy Mass in this opinion, if possible on Wednesday, 29 February.  All members and all our brothers and sisters in Christ are invited to join in spiritually through prayer and (fasting) sacrifice to prevent a war.  
This week, the weekly Wednesday-mass will be celebrated on Tuesday, 28 February, 17:00 instead.
  • Few hours later a young priest from Germany wrote us, that he will also celebrate the Holy Mass in this opinion on Wednesday 29. Februay, 9:00 h.  - Prais the Lord!!!
  • 02/29: We received the information that 3 Hungarian priests will also join our invitation to celebrate the Holy Mass in this opinion. (17:00 h and 2 Masses earlier)


A German speaking Priest, member of our Internet Prayer Group, wrote following: 


(...) All that, what the Holy Trinity and all the Heaven is doing for us, as well as the interaction between heaven and earth is, on the one hand a great gift,  on the other hand a big drama, when we consider the world situation. Christ is the loving and merciful reality, never before  has this fact been shown to us so drastically as in these days. GOD IS OUR FATHER AND HE IS THE CREATOR AND LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. WE MAY REJOICE WHEN HE CONSIDERS US WORTHY TO ENTER HIS KINGDOM OF PEACE.


There is a lot to do. Our Lord wants to save everybody and take with him to his  Paradise because we are His brothers and sisters - in reality.  We have to think about it realistically!!!  We are going to see HIM as he IS;  such it is written in the bible.  For me it sounds inBELIEVable.

May I wish you the best and a lot of missionary courage which is supported by the certainty - nowadays we may talk about the "knowledge" - that we are on the (difficult) way to the paradise.


A faithful soul once told me, that there is one thing we should not forget:  to read the word of God. It cleanses and reveals your sins, so that Satan gradually loses his chance to have a grip on us.


God bless you through the intervention of the Holy Mother Mary.

P. St.

(Austrian Priest)




25th February 2012
It is my desire to become one more member of the internet prayer Name is "Fr. J." an American Roman Catholic Priest located in USA...I came across Maria Divine Mercy apparitions about four months ago and I know that they are true because the last 30 years I have been investigating many past apparitions and these are but the culmination of them...I feel very blessed to have been given the grace to understand and believe them for the benefit of my eternal life and the salvation of many other souls.
May God continue to bless us with His everlasting Love for all- Fr. J.
25th February 2012
a Nigerian priest wrote us:
"Dear Friends in Jesus and Mary,
I write to express my interest of becoming a member of this highly-needed group that prays for our distressed world.I am a Catholic priest from Nigeria who is presently on mission in "A.". As i solicit for your prayers for me and my mission, i also promise to remember each of you in my prayers and masses.
Remain in the protection of our Blessed Mother.
Fr H. M."
6th February 2012
We sent Fr. J.   thank you words and greetings from members, because he had emailed us a wonderful submission. (see below: 22nd January 2012 ). He emailed us yesterday following words:
"Thanks a lot for posting my prayer request. My father is really better now. Prayer is so powerful especially when done by a number of people. Thanks also for sending me the comments of our members. During the 1st Friday mass in our school last Feb. 3 (feast of St. Blase) I read the email you sent and the students are happy about the news. I exhorted them last Jan. 31 also  that they make a sacrifice for that day for the intention asked by Our Lady. May the Lord bless all of you working for this apostolate.
My blessings of good health and prosperity+
Fr. J.
School Director"
(Island South-East Asia)

2nd February 2012


An Austrian priest member who supports our group and assists us with his advice will celebrate the SIX CLEMENTINE MASSES  (in Austria and Germany known as the "Masses of Sufferings") for all those who are going to die during the Warning. He asks all the other priests to do the same to save as many souls as possible.


"The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass would be of greater profit if people had it offered in their life-time, rather than having it celebrated for the relief of their souls after death" [Pope Benedict XVI]. (


Here is the submission from our Austrian priest:


"... Thank you very much for your suggestion to celebrate the  SIX CLEMENTINE MASSES : for those who are going to die during the Warning. This is very important! The six holy masses are not so well known to the people as it is not possible for an active priest to celebrate them in a row. They are rather known as the SIX MASSES OF SUFFERINGS (in Austria and Germany).  I got to celebrate them a few times.

I will celebrate them on following days:


11., 12., 13., 14., 15., 16 February 2012


Please ask all the other members to be present in their spirit, or if possible attend masses in a church on these days.


Best greetings and may God bless you




 !  Those six masses were approved and recommended by Pope Clement XII. (1730-1740).
The Six Clementine Masses are being celebrated for the living as well as for the deceased to give God the highest praise, glory and thanksgiving. It is also for benefit for the poor souls in the purgatory.


The masses should be read on six consecutive days by an ordained priest in the following order and opinion:
1. to commemorate the innocent capture of our Lord Jesus Christ for freeing souls from the purgatory
2. to commemorate the coming before the court of our innocent Lord to free the souls from pain
3. to commemorate the scorning and derision of our Lord to free the souls from all punishments due to their sins
4. to commemorate the wounds and pains of our Lord that all souls may be healed from all wounds and all deserved punishments
5. to commemorate the funeral to free all souls from their sins
6. to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ,   to bring all souls from the darkness to the light and resurrection

Informations about the "SIX MASSES CLEMENTINE" in German: Information zu den Sechs Clementinischen Messen (Leidensmessen).doc (36 kB) + Sechs heilige Messen - Leidensmessen.pdf (76,1 kB)


We tried to find more informations in English about the "6 Holy Masses Clementine". If you have an English link and/or informations in English, Polish, Spain and/or Hungarian, please email them to: THANK YOU !!!



                                                                                                                            22nd January 2012


Peace and Blessings to all the members of this Internet Prayer Group +

May God bless us with the grace of PEACE. I am a priest from the islands here in Southeast Asia. Let me assure all the members of this prayer group that our school community, and our religious community here are all praying for all the intentions posted in this website everyday. I’ve been following since the day it opened and shed so many tears because of the messages. I ask you my brothers and sisters in this internet prayer group to continue posting your prayer requests and intentions because we bless these intentions everyday and be rest assured that we are praying for them. It was August of last year when the message received by Maria dated July 23 was posted that August is the Salvation of Souls Month as requested by Jesus that I made a resolve that I will say a daily mass for the same purpose. In my daily masses since then I included the intentions of the internet prayer group when I became a member. As of this date January 22, 2012 I have already made the 146th mass intentions for this purpose. The only day that I can’t say mass is during travel as it is almost physically impossible.

I asked my fellow priest to render their utmost love and genuine service in celebrating the Eucharist for these intentions. I just personally feel we are really getting of so short a time because the world has gone so secular. I have browsed the internet almost daily for almost 7 years already and I witnessed how the Christian faith has nosedived in many countries. It is so difficult to talk or preach about this warning especially if we are priests because we will always be bombarded with theological arguments, and if we argue, they will not enlighten others, and they will be more confused. Let us do our priestly duties in the silence and humility of our hearts.

My dear members, be hopeful of all our prayers. Here I do my daily mass, the religious community prayers morning and afternoon (lauds and vespers) and the weekday prayers of our students the rosary and the divine mercy numbering more than 500. We have made your intentions as fixed intentions in our prayers. We pray the divine mercy MWF and the rosary TTH every 3’oclock in the afternoon. I always exhort the students that if we pray the divine mercy schedule at 3 o’clock, they will pray the rosary at home and vice versa so the devotions are recited everyday. There are so many people praying for your intentions to fulfill what Jesus asked of Maria as well as to beg the Lord that He will grant what you asked.

I want this posted in the just to assure and boost your souls that there are people who love you, who care for you, and who pray for you.

Nothing but a servant
Fr. J



An Email from a priest from Portugal:

9th December 2011

Hi, I am "V" from Portugal (...) and I am a priest. You can not imagine my joy to find this Internet-prayer-group.
We have to ask God to show us His ways ....
I am amazed with all this, and of course I want to pray with you.
I am chaplain in a hospital and here we also have a prayer group.

 VIVA  MARIA  E JESUS ​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



An Email from a priest from India:

1st December 2011


Thank you for the membership in the International online prayer group. It will be helpful for my ministry as a priest having many people to pray for me and my priestly ministry and all other members and their intentions too will be remembered in my prayers. we can meet each other and connected each other through Christ in prayer.

May God Bless every one of us
With prayers
Fr. T.G.



25th October.2011

Please add me as a member of the prayer group. 

I am a  catholic missionary priest in (...), Cook Islands.  We have a daily recitation of the Divine Mercy chaplet after weekday Masses and I regularly shared the messages during and outside  the Mass. 

Since I  discovered the site, I have regularly shared it with people, many of them have signed in to the Warning.  Thank you and consider our recitation of the chaplet of Mercy as a part of it since it was prompted by the messages. 

Fr. R.




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