Testimony of a priest

Touching testimony from a Mexican Priest, who is a Member of our Internet Prayer Circle,

concerning Garabandal and Maria Divine Mercy


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I address myself to you, dear Members of the Prayer Circle, concerning the Messages given from God and his Holy Mother to Maria Divine Mercy.


At the beginning of the month dedicated to Mary I would like to share with you an experience which I made 50 years ago and which still stays vivid in my heart.


The name Garabandal is mentioned in three messages to Maria Divine Mercy (1.1.2011, 19.2. 2011 and 31.5.2011). In the last messages Jesus tells us that "the prophecies of Garabandal are about to fulfill. Prepare for this event, as there remain but a few months for you to prepare your souls". The first extraordinary event which will come soon, is the WARNING, which is told us from Jesus and his Mother so often. They express their strict wish that we prepare ourselves and that we help them to save souls, so that we, who are Gods children, are able to react to God’s Mercy through believe and repentance. God’s Mercy We are are going to experience God’s Mercy in an extraordinary way through a personal meeting with Jesus Christ shortly.


The 18 July of this year is the 50 anniversary of another exceptional event of a smaller dimension. It is the "milagruco" (small miracle) which has happened in Garabandal.

As a matter of fact, in a small Province of Santander (today Calabria), which is called San Sebastian de Garabandal, a thirteen year old girl (Conchita Gonzalez) received the Holy Communion in a visible way from the Archangel Michael. There were a few dozen people who witnessed this event.


Soon after midnight - it was summertime and still Wednesday, 18 July. Conchita received the heavenly announcement a few weeks before, that she would get the Holy Communion in an exceptional way. As a matter of fact the young visionaries received the Holy Communion a few times from the Hands of the Archangel during the time of the appearances of the Holy Mother (1961-1965), when the priest could not be present in Garabandal due to priestly duties.


On this 18 July there was a festival in all of Spain: the anniversary of the national rebellion during the civil war 1936 - 1939. Therefore there was a lot of action going on: music, bowling, noisy village youth etc. Some people, who patiently waited before Conchitas house, which lay out of the center of the village, said, that it will be impossible to see a miracle on that day, as it was too noisy.

But it was not like that. Thanks to God, we, (my mother, father and a few other people as well as me, who was the oldest of seven sisters and brothers) had enough patience to wait and stay there.


Soon after Midnight Conchita went into ecstasy, got out of the house with fast steps to the left into a narrow small street. The youngest of us had to run in order to follow her and we saw that Conchita fell on her knees in the middle of the street. On her tongue there was a holy white host, which stayed there for a few seconds. Those few seconds were enough for us to witness the "small miracle". Conchita called it like that saying that the really "big miracle" which was promised by the Holy Virgin, will take place later.


I would like to mention that Conchita and I are of the same age. To be exact, I am 18 days older than she is. This fact was very important to me. A girl, as old as I, saw the holy Virgin and got messages from her for the whole world. A few times during summer time I could see Conchita and the other girls (Mari Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz) while they were in ecstasy. They had a shiny face and they smiled. Sometimes they nod their head agreeing to something and sometimes they moved their lips to talk with our heavenly Mother about banalities of the everyday life. They had a fixed stare looking upwards. The ecstasy lasted from only a few minutes to many minutes. Often I could see them running over the paved streets of the village. Once I could see that one of them took the other one by the feet to lift her up, so that she could reach the Mother of God to give her a farewell-kiss.


All those extraordinary events of which we were witness were simple and familiar to us. We felt the close presence of God and his Mother.


I remember waiting in Conchitas house for her to go into ecstasy as the Mother of God has told her. (Conchita told us that there was an indication). We talked with her and her mother when all of a sudden she fell on her knees, without perceiving what happened around her. On that day she gave a medal-scapular, that I used to have with me, to the Holy Mother. Since that day I keep it as a relic.


I was very much impressed by the fact that Conchita and the other girls are rather shy and simple, when they were not in ecstasy and they talked rather little. When they went in ecstasy they changed completely, as I said already.


These experiences have left a deep trace in my soul. In the first message, our Lady said to the girls following:


”We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us”

 (18 October 1961).


I also heard other words concerning the Warning and the Miracle which are going to take place before the chastisement (or purification) and that those will be a present from God to the world

to help us change our ways.


From that moment on I started to take my life as a Christian more seriously. I started to take the holy communion often and visited the Holy Mass almost every day. I went to confession often.

I prayed the Rosary almost every day, often together with my parents, who prayed it also on a daily basis since their marriage in 1946 until the end of their life. In addition, due to the experiences

in Garabandal, my believe grew constantly and deepened during my studies. I could see Gods Love clearer and saw the necessity that also the other people get to know this love. All these experiences lead to the decision to consecrate my life to God and to feel the call to become priest within a few years.


On 18 June 2011, after having almost forgotten the events in Garabandal, I commemorated the experiences from 1962, reflecting on how important they had been for me. I checked the internet

to find some news about the appearances and I found a big surprise. I read the book from Antonio Yagüe (Garabandal 50 years later) and soon later I found the messages from Jesus to Mary Divine Mercy. Unnecessary to mention that I read them all, surprised about the truth and certainty, the simplicity, grace the authority. I think that all these features together with the Holy Spirit

which you can feel in your heart when you are reading them and meditate over them, are a strong sign of authenticity. I personally can bear witness that they were a big help to me to pray more and better (contemplative and oral prayer such as crusade prayers), to develop more enthusiasm concerning the apostolic work for our Lord and to develop the wish to help Him save souls.


Every person has to find his way given by Godly Providence. Without doubt it is a big mercy from our Lord that he gives us such powerful impulses which invite us to listen to Him and follow Him.


 I am happy to greet you all.

United in prayer and with my priestly blessings

P. C.S.




photo: Eucharistic miracle in Garabandal in 1962. Conchita could be filmed from one of the eye witnesses, when she received the Holy Eucharist from the Archangel Michael in one of the side roads.