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Vancouver, BC, Canada - September 21, 2019   Vancouver BC Seminar Flyer.pdf (597677)

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The Feast of OUR LADY OF LA SALETTE  September 19



This apparition was approved on September 19, 1851 by Bishop Philibert de Bruillard of Grenoble only five years after it occurred.  It is a sad fact that most countries no longer celebrate the valuable gift of this Feast Day of Mary, as done previously in past decades.  This is an important prophetic apparition for the End Times.

Novena to Our Lady of La Salette

This Novena to Our Lady of La Salette starts on September 10 and continues for 9 days including September 18. The Feast Day is on September 19 as that is the day the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the two children, Melanie and Maximin, at La Salette 173 years ago in 1846.
This particular novena is prayed to God through the intercession of Our Lady of La Salette. In praying this Novena, as in the case of all prayer, it is good to begin by opening ourselves wholeheartedly to God's Will, offering a simple act of trust in God's Wisdom and Love for us all. May Our Lady of La Salette guide you and God Bless you.

How to Pray This Novena
This novena is based on the message of Our Lady of La Salette. Each day of the novena is divided into the following parts: 1) Scripture quote for reflection; 2) Words from the apparition dialogue of Mary at La Salette; 3) Meditation; 4) Prayer; 5) After mentioning your intention, pray the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary; 6) Closing prayer (La Salette invocation). This novena can be prayed alone or with others.

To download the novena, click:  lasalette novena.pdf (228973)

Memorare to Our Lady of La Salette


Remember, Our Lady of La Salettte, true Mother of Sorrows, the tears you shed for us on Calvary.  Remember also the care you have taken to keep us faithful to Christ, your Son.  Having done so much for your children, you will not now abandon us.  Comforted by this consoling thought, we come to you pleading, despite our infidelities and ingratitude. Virgin of Reconciliation, do not reject our prayers, but intercede for us, obtain for us the grace to love Jesus above all else.  May we console you by living a holy life and so come to share the eternal life Christ gained by his cross. Amen.

La Salette Invocation

Our Lady of La Salette, Reconciler of sinners, pray without ceasing for us who have recourse to you.



Virgin Mary: I revealed these atrocities to the little children Melanie and Maximin at La Salette

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 @ 11:00


My child it is important that all those who love my Son pray for the graces of strength and perseverance at this time.
The knowledge being revealed to you children through these messages is to help you prepare.
Never feel you, as God's army, will not be able to withstand the evil regime about to show itself in the world shortly.
Always remember the power of My Holy Rosary.
Always remember the power of My Father is the greatest power of all.
No power is so strong that it can defeat the most Glorious Power of God.
When you are a true child of God, when you come to the Father through my Son, you will be protected.
Fear is caused by the unknown but it can also be caused when the Truth is revealed.
Allow the graces which are being given to you through the Crusade Prayers to give you the peace of mind and strength of soul to march for the salvation of souls.
The more souls who are converted to the love of my Son, the stronger will your Crusade be.
Love one another and join in prayer to help save God's children from the antichrist.
Pray, pray, pray that every soul will be brave enough to reject his poisonous mark.
I have revealed these atrocities to the little children Melanie and Maximin at La Salette so long ago. The time for these prophecies to unfold is soon.
These children were told of the evil plans and accepted what I told them. Now you, children, must accept that these events must take place.
You must pray hard to dilute and mitigate much of the pain which will have to be endured by humanity.
Be brave children.
Trust in my Son and allow Him the freedom to guide you as He must so that souls can be saved from the clutches of the beast.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation


Mother of Salvation: The time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close
Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 @ 14:39

My dear children the time for the prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled is very close. You must not fear these times but, rather, embrace them for you must know that My Father's Covenant will be finally completed as it was meant to be. The antichrist will, eventually, take up his seat in my Son's Church on earth and nothing will prevent this from happening. Many will deny the prophecies, which I revealed to the world and they will do this at their peril. Those who refuse to accept the warnings given to the world, and who follow the enemies of God, will put their souls in jeopardy and it is for these misguided souls that I ask you to pray fervently.

The battle for the human race and for the salvation of all of God's children is being fought at present and great harm is being inflicted upon all of those who stand firm to the Truth of all that my Son revealed to the world. You can never take one part of His Word or the Holy Bible and then discard it in favour of something, which may make you feel more comfortable. The Truth is never easy to accept for it can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest and most courageous Christians. The Truth is always rejected and when the thorns were placed upon the Sacred Head of my Son, Jesus Christ, the priests and the elders at the time were praying in the temple giving glory to God while their cohorts cursed Him as He died on the Cross. That was the way it was then and this will be the way it will be when the world retaliates against the Word of God and turns it inside out and upside down. I urge you, dear children, to accept the Truth as it will be the means by which you will march more easily towards the Kingdom of the New Era. Without acknowledging what you are being told now, many souls will fall into error and embrace the beast. They will give up every individual civil right and liberty when they idolize the enemies of my Son until, finally, they will hand over their souls to the evil one.

Fear of the Truth can lead to resentment because it can be very difficult to swallow. Resentment leads to anger and anger leads to hatred. Hatred against this mission, and every other mission before it, will escalate and those who love me, the Mother of God, will be encouraged to denounce it. How it saddens me when my name is used to insult the Word of Jesus Christ, the one and only Saviour of mankind. Confusion will be wreaked upon my Marian groups so that they will begin to doubt the warnings I was instructed to present to the world at La Salette and Fatima. People will shun what I said and they will believe the prophecies given are to be for another time in the far distant future.

As all turmoil erupts and when the Doctrine contained in my Father's Book is re-written and presented to the world as being authentic, only those with true discernment will understand the Truth. You must pray hard for the survival of my Son's Church, His Body on earth, so that He is not discarded and thrown out to the dogs. When that day takes place, the Justice of God will intervene and humanity will understand, finally, what it is like to be plunged into darkness. The day the Light of God is extinguished is the time when all things will be fulfilled as prophesied.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation





Fifty Four Day Novena.pdf (574686)

August 28 to October 20


A 54-day novena is being launched to pray for the upcoming Federal election in Canada on October 21, 2019. We are facing MANY difficult situations in our country and the Rosary is our weapon in this battle. Therefore, we are asking God to bless our country with a moral, ethical and just government; one that will lead righteously so that our country Canada may be blessed as a nation and bring an end to the evils plaguing our nation.

If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land: (2 Cor 7:14)

We pray to Jesus through Mary our protector and our guide.  Keep in mind that the leader we choose will also decide who advises him and thus, how we are governed. Please join us, our country Canada needs you!  To learn more about the 54-day Rosary Novena, go to:  https://fatima.org/about/fatima-the-requests/54-day-rosary-novena/

Mother of Salvation: So easily do people accept new laws, which claim to be good
Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 @ 15:26
from The Book of Truth

My child, your prayers are being answered and my Son will intervene for your special intention. You must pray for all of those in the world who are being misguided into believing that evil is good. This web of deceit has covered humanity to such an extent that many can no longer differentiate between the Laws of God and the wickedness of the evil one when he manifests amongst you.

So easily do people accept new laws, which claim to be good - for the good of all - when, in fact, they disguise mortal sin in the Eyes of God.

The battle rages on between those who uphold the Laws of God and those who desecrate them. Those who publicly uphold the Laws of God are demonized and declared to be cruel and wicked. The deceit and the lies, which fill those who say they love humanity, are clearly seen when they publicly justify mortal sin. How cunning is the evil one. So few understand his influence in their lives or how he twists their reasoning.

Be comforted, dear children, in the knowledge that I, the Mother of Salvation, can defeat the evil one amongst your midst. You must call on me every time you feel overcome by the power he exerts in your nations. I will destroy his influence, when you place your request before me.

Please recite this Crusade Prayer (113) To defeat evil in our land

O Mother of Salvation, come into our midst and cover our land with your protection.
Crush the head of the beast and stamp out his wicked influence amongst us.
Help your poor lost children to stand up and speak the Truth, when we are surrounded by lies.
Please, O Mother of God, protect our land and keep us strong, so that we can remain loyal to your Son in our time of persecution. Amen.

You must never accept arguments, which allow wicked laws to be brought into being, which dictate how you live your lives, which are not according to the Word of God. When these laws infiltrate your lands, they destroy souls.
Trust in me, the Mother of Salvation, to help salvage the souls of those you love and work amongst. Call on me and I promise that I will cover your nation with my Most Holy Mantle.

Your beloved Mother
Mother of Salvation      





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New prophecies reveal global events in the lead up to the Second Coming

THE ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIENCE predicted by Our Lady in Garabandal in 1961 will take place soon to save the world.



New prophecies received by European Visionary reveal global events in the lead up to the Second Coming.



  •  To bring everyone back to Jesus and the way of the truth.
  • To dilute the impact of sin and evil in the world through conversion.
  • To help save us before the final day of judgement by giving us a chance to ask for forgiveness for the sins we have committed.
  • To convert non-believers who would have no chance of redemption without this great act of mercy.
  • To strengthen the faith of believers.



  • Every one over the age of 7 will experience a private mystical encounter with Jesus Christ which will last anything up to 15 minutes.
  • It is a gift from God the Father to convert people back to the truth. It is how the Final Day of Judgement will unfold only this time you will not be condemned. Instead you will be given a chance to ask for forgiveness.
  • Two comets will collide in the sky.
  • People will believe it to be catastrophic worse than an earthquake But it is not – it is a sign that Jesus has come.
  • The sky will turn red it will look like a fire & then you will see a large cross in the sky to prepare you first.
  • Atheists will say it was a global illusion. Scientists will look for a logical explanation but there won't be one.
  • It will be spectacular and will not hurt us because it comes as an act of Love and Mercy from Jesus.
  • Our sins will be shown to us and this will make us feel tremendous sorrow and shame when they are revealed to us. Others will be so sickened and shocked by the way in which their sins will be revealed that they will drop dead before they have a chance to ask for forgiveness.
  • Everyone will see the state of their soul before God – the good they have done in their lives, the grief they have inflicted on others and all that which they failed to do.
  • Many people will fall down and cry tears of relief. Tears of joy and happiness. Tears of wonder and love.
  • For, at last, it will be possible to live a new life thereafter when we know the full truth.
  • Jesus is now asking everyone to pray for those souls who will die of shock who may be in mortal sin. Everyone needs to prepare now. Jesus asks that all ask for the forgiveness of their sins in advance of The Warning.




23/10/2011 07:23

This Internet prayer group was formed to launch an entirely new kind of connectedness to the prayer life because there are many like-minded people around the world who yearn for a fraternal communion of prayer. The Internet offers a modern and perfect medium to engage with them in conjunction.

Our goal is to reach many brothers and sisters worldwide who want to unite in prayer with us, to respond to the urgent call of Jesus for prayers, repentance and salvation of souls who have turned away from God.

Anyone with the ardent desire to join our online prayer group is highly welcome. No matter his/her state of life, religion or nationality, every Prayer or supplicant is welcome in our online prayer community. We live in an era when many Christians are ridiculed, deserted, live as "lone wolfs" in struggle in a faithless environment every day or even are ostracized. We do not only want to be a supporting prayer community for these brothers and sisters, but also a vital partner for their prayer requests and needs.


Membership application is very easy and without any cost or long-term obligations. However, each member will need to fulfill the obligations of a short prayer minimum of approximately 10 - 15 minutes a day (e.g: the Divine Mercy Chaplet).

For specific prayer requests, please visit our Membership Area (Prayer Requests).

Our most preferrable prayers are the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (Divine Mercy Chaplet approx. 10 min), the Holy Rosary with its various mysteries, and a daily Act of Consecration. Of course everyone is also free to additionally use other prayers or pray in his/her own words. The most important thing is our communal spiritual bond and unity during and in our prayers, while we pray for our common concerns.

With God's help, our group will grow to a great international "Prayer Army", which helps to lead all souls back to God, crush Satan's plans in our lives, and prepare us for the promised paradise on earth.


Request for blessing

08/10/2011 23:18
  We request most humbly all the priests who visit our website to bless us and all the members of our prayer community, especially our families, and to include us in their daily prayers. In this highly competitive time of faithlessness, we know the might and guarding power of your blessings...

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18/04/2014 13:37


We invite again all brothers and sisters in Christ to pray with us the Novena of the Divine Mercy  (Good Friday  until  Divine Mercy Sunday).


24/07/2014 06:44
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08/11/2013 08:56
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30/07/2013 13:46
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02/03/2013 16:45
A member sent us an invitation for the common prayer of a Novena to Saint Michael:   Let us pray the following Novena to Saint Michael the Archangel that Cardinals will be docile to the...


26/11/2012 15:36
Next Thursday or Friday (November 29 or 30) begin the novena for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.   Thursday will complete the novena on the Eve of the Feast Day or Friday will complete the novena on the Feast Day.   More information: ...

IMPORTANT Invitation

28/12/2012 16:11
We invite you to answer the urgent call of our beloved Holy Virgin Mary and to pray with us the...

Prayer for America

For those who want to respond to the call. For those who want to do more as Our Lord and Our Lady have asked in these most difficult times for America and the world. For those who are interested in joining "My dearly beloved daughter I must emphasize, to all those who believe in Me, that is...

Testimony of a priest

02/08/2012 15:32
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I address myself to you, dear Members of the Prayer Circle, concerning the Messages given from God and his Holy Mother...
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2 urgent news

11/07/2012 20:06
  11th July 2012   1)  All My Brother Priests:   I wish to...
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Translations of Norms

30/05/2012 18:02
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) has published new translations of the Norms...
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Testimony of a priest

27/05/2012 17:48
One of our priests, Fr. F.J.Jr., sent us a touching testimony about the St. Michael´s-Prayer...
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little prayer warriors - video

26/03/2012 22:16
March 2012   A priest from the Philippines (member of our Prayer Group) sent us the...
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