God's protective coat

God's protective coat

It would be wonderful if our prayers would wrap around all children of God like a protective mantle  to protect them from the temptations of Satan and the distractions of this world and make them open to the love and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Each prayer performed for the intentions of Jesus, no matter when spoken, would be like a wide bright coat distributed seamlessly throughout the day to form a wide prayer mantle. Therefore, it is not necessary to hold regular prayer times or periods, which would also allow different people in different states of life, even in very stressful situations, to easily attain our membership. Particularly effective are night prayers especially  in the early morning hours, because they are a blessed "energy source" for the whole day.

This mighty prayer shawl would not cover only the unbelievers and those who are in the clutches of Satan, but also all members of this prayer circle, their families and those who are courageously and selflessly spreading the saving messages of Jesus Christ!



Our shield is our faith
Our weapon is the prayer
Our King is the Lord
St. Michael is our guide
The saints are our help
And our Mother is Mary

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